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    Acupuncture is an ancient medical therapy used by the Chinese for thousands of years. It may be used to support a wide range of health problems ranging from IVF support, digestion problems, stress management and pain management.

    If you are new to acupuncture you might wonder what acupuncture feels like. Each person is different so we all feel and respond differently to acupuncture. Some people may feel a little pinch when the needles go into the skin, at some points you might not feel anything at all. Many people report a very relaxed feeling as the needles get to work.

    Tseu’s acupuncture technique is very gentle to minimise any discomfort from the treatment, however, if you are very fearful of needles please tell the Tseu and acupressure seeds may be used instead of needles.

    We offer the following types of Acupuncture, the selection of therapies will be discussed with you during your consultation:

    Body Acupuncture

    Body acupuncture uses acupuncture points on different parts of the body (mainly arms and legs, back and abdomen) to correct imbalances and improve bodily functions. This style of acupuncture can treat a wide variety of conditions and because of this it is the main style of acupuncture used, and most people will receive this type of acupuncture.

    Facial/Cosmetic Acupuncture

    Facial rejuvenation acupuncture uses very fine, smooth and small needles on the face to help lift and loosen muscles, which may diminish the look of wrinkles. Apart from improving the look of aging skin, facial acupuncture may also assist in skin conditions like acne, scarring, pigmentation.

    The facial treatment is combined with a facial massage and body acupuncture to address any internal disharmonies so you get an external and internal treatment in one session!

    The length of treatment varies with the condition of your skin, for people with only fine lines 3-5 treatments is sufficient. For those with deeper line and/or scarring a series of 15 weekly sessions is required to achieve optimal results, a maintenance regime will then follow with treatments spaced every 2-6 months.

    Scalp Acupuncture

    Scalp Acupuncture uses acupuncture needles on the scalp to stimulate neural pathways and improve body movement, reduce pain, improve tingling and numbness and regulate the hormones.

    Ear Acupuncture/seeds

    The ear is seen as a microsystem for the whole body. Different points on the ear can be used to stimulate different areas of the body and treat different conditions. Ear acupuncture can be used alone or with body acupuncture, the practitioner may also decide to use some ear seeds on the outer ear and leave them in for a few days to prolong its effectiveness.

    Electrode Acupuncture

    Electrode acupuncture uses electrodes to stimulate the needles, it is very good for painful conditions like fibromyalgia, back pain, headaches, sciatica, and sport injuries. It may also be effective in regulating the menstrual cycle.

    For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment – just give Tseu a call!

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